These are copies of official United States Navy Argus Unit Documentary film footage from the National Archives. There is no sound but the quality is surprisingly good and the videos are in color!! A warm thank you to Tim and the team at Bono Labs in College Park, Maryland for the TeleCine work required to reproduce these videos from the original 16mm film reel. Hi-Def DVD’s (much better quality than what you see here) are available to purchase for a small fee to recover our cost on the reproduction work and to make copies. Use the Contact Us page to indicate you would like a DVD.

Argus Unit 7 Leaves Guadalcanal Lands on Green Island – 2/25/1944

ARC Identifier 76244 / Local Identifier 428-NPC-1890
Supporting Documentation at NARA

Argus Unit 7 Set Up Activities on Green Island – Late February, early March 1944

ARC Identifier 76245 / Local Identifier 428-NPC-1891
Supporting Documentation at NARA

Church Service, Argus Unit 7 Activities at Koli Point Guadalcanal – 02/07/1944

ARC Identifier 76246 / Local Identifier 428-NPC-1892
Supporting Documentation at NARA


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