The Men

It is our hope that through the stories here, the legacy of these men will live on. These are men that are either our relatives or personal friends or these are veterans that have contacted our group willing to share their memories and stories.

James Messmer – Argus Unit 17

Jewell H. Martin – Argus Unit 8 

Warren Cabral – Argus Unit 1

Edward Kessler – Argus Unit 17 

Lt. John W. Veil Jr. – Argus Units 3, 10 and 17

Frank Richard Miller – Argus Unit 21 

Richard E. Norred – Argus Unit 13

Lt. Cmdr. Andrew M. Cowan – ARGUS Unit Training Detachment

Louis T. Di Thomas – Argus Unit 1

Stetson M. Ridson – Argus Unit 1

Francis A. Yakel – USMC – Argus Unit 20

Paul C. Vandiver – Argus Unit 10 & Argus Unit 15

John G. Lovvorn – Argus Unit 18

Richard B. Knotts – Argus Unit 27


4 comments on “The Men

  1. Is this a place for individual biographies? Even thought I’ve learned quite a bit about some of these men – without ever knowing them or their survivors – I don’t feel comfortable writing a biography for anyone other than my own father. Perhaps there is some very limited data, such as name, rank, photo (with location when available), and unit assignment, that can be published without risk of intruding on a family’s privacy. I currently have photos of 22 men, whom I can identify by name, from Argus units 20 and 24. Is it appropriate for me to publish such images and the above enumerated personal stats? I’m not sure I would want someone else publishing anyting more that those stats with regard to my father, without first receiving my family’s permission. What do you think?

    • It makes sense to me that this would be a place for fairly length biographies written by immediate family only. I think anything that looks like a roster or even a short list would be on the units page not here. Like you I would’nt be comfortable posting anything here that I didn’t have first hand knowledge of. Similar to the campaigns I could setup a link from the units page rosters to the biography page of a certain individual.

  2. Dear Sir, my name is Robert Nassimbene. In reading your article on “United States Argus Unit Historical Group” I find my cousins name listed in the known officer group. His name is was William Glen Nassimbene. A Lieut. JG, his education was an electronic engineer, his specialty was radar technology, placement and maintenance of the units. On Tarawa he was with Argus Unit 16, and was with the first Marine group to arrived at the airport, his mission was to collect Japanese radar frequencies and any other relevant information. After completing the Japanese air control information mission he and his unit constructed radar facilities where needed.
    Thanks for your help;
    Capt. Robert Nassimbene USAF

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