Operation Toenails – Rendova

The landings were a military amphibious assault on Rendova Island in the Solomon Islands on 30 June 1943 by United States Army and Navy forces during the New Georgia Campaign of the Pacific War. In the assault, U.S. forces overwhelmed a small Japanese military garrison and secured the island. The U.S. occupied the island to use it as a staging and artillery base to support an offensive against Japanese forces guarding an airfield at Munda Point on nearby New Georgia.

Map of New Georgia Islands show Rendova Island

Map of New Georgia Islands showing Rendova Island – click on image for a larger view

map from “The War in the Pacific – CARTWHEEL: THE REDUCTION OF RABAUL”  –US Army Center of Military History

 For more detailed information on the Rendova operations click on this link and select Chapter VI, page 85  – “CARTWHEEL: The Reduction of Rabaul”


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