Operation Chronicle – Woodlark Island

Operation Chronicle was the Allied invasion of Woodlark and Kiriwina Islands during World War II, in the South West Pacific as part of Operation Cartwheel. An early planning name for this operation was Operation Coronet. The operation was executed without opposition on June 30, 1943. On 25 June, 2,600 troops of Woodlark Force, led by Colonel Julian W. Cunningham, consisting of units of the 112th Cavalry Regiment, the 134th Field Artillery Battalion, the 12th Marine Defense Battalion and quartermaster, port, ordnance, medical, and engineer units, a naval base unit and a construction battalion departed Townsville, Australia aboard six LST’s, with one subchaser SC-749 and two destroyers, Bagley and Henley, as escort. Arriving at Woodlark, with landing beginning at 2100 on 30 June. Brooks and Humphreys carrying other troops from Milne Bay arrived at 0100 on 1 July, with further supply echelons arriving in LCI’s and LST’s.

  • 112th Cavalry Regiment
  • 134th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 12th Marine Defense Battalion
  • Quartermaster unit
  • port unit
  • ordnance unit
  • medical unit
  • engineer units
  • 46th Engineer Combat Company
  • 404th Engineer Combat Company
  • naval base unit
  • 20th Naval Construction Battalion
  • 60th Naval Construction Battalion
  • Argus Unit 1, (Fighter Director Radar Unit)

for more detailed information on Operation Chronicle click on the link for “CARTWHEEL: The Reduction of Rabaul” shown in ‘References’ and select Chapter V, page 49



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