Argus Unit 9

Commanding Officer – Lt. T.T. Ellsworth

Left Port Hueneme –  7 August 1943

Locations:  Port Hueneme, CA – Nukufetau Atoll, Ellice Islands

Known Officers:

Beeman, James H. Lt(jg) – Bourdon, Richard H. Lt -Brown, Donald H. Ens – Dennis, W.B. Lt – Domoschk, Wilfred W. Ens – Ellsworth, Thomas L. Lt – Fibush, Donald H. Lt(jg) – Gould, David “W” Lt – Griffith, Arthur W. Lt(jg) – Holton, John W. Ens – Howell, Hugh H Lt(jg) – Jones, George P. Lt – Keener, George W. Lt(jg) – Krouse, Edward G. Ens – Lange, William C Lt(jg) – Odell, Elwyn H. Ens -Pedrick, W.R.  Lt(jg) – Peter, Benard L. Lt(jg) – Rodgers, Theodore W. Lt(jg) – Sattler, Robert L. Jr. Ens – Stewart. Robert M. Ens – Williams, Wayne P. Lt

Known Enlisted:

*Ackerman, Roger D. RM3c – Anderson, Charles R. S2c – Angello, James J. F1c – Aros, Gilbert H S2c – Avery, Vernon Rt2c – Ballard, Jerry E. S2c – Bang, Robert W. F1c – Bass, Cliford C. S2c – Berthoud, Leonard S2c – Bethea, Charles W. S2c – Bittner, Russell S2c – Boggs, Noval R. S2c – Bonhill, William R. S2c – Bonner, Marion S2c – Boudreau, Thomas K. ART2c – Boutillette, Henry F. S2c – Branum, Chester B. S2c – Brosius, Albert E. GM3c – Burns, Adelbert D. Jr. S2c – Burns, Gilbert C. RM3c – Campbell Don A. ART2c – Carlson, Kenneth L. S2c – Carsey, Walter E. S2c – Carter, Lyman A. S2c – Carver Parl R. S2c – Charmack, Harry L. S2c – Clark, William J. S2c – Clusserath, Clement A. S2c – Cody, James P. S2c – Cox, Arthur C. S2c – Crampton, Ross I. S2c – Cunningham, Donald J. S2c – Cutright, Paul R. ART2c – Day, Ernest W. Jr. F1c – Dawson, Ralph D. S2c – Dean, Alford B. RT2c – Devanna, Robert V. S2c – Disanto, Vincent S2c – Doyle, Virgil L. S2c – Droddy, Herman E. S2c – Erickson, Howard A. S2c – Ernest, Jack L. S2c – Fields, James F. Jr. S2c – Frantom, Donald C. F1c – Garvey, Albert G. S2c – Givens, Morris StM2c – Grisell, John K. S2c – Hardy, James C. Jr. S2c – Harrell, David C. StM2c – Harvey, James P. Jr. S2c – Hayes, Thomas J. Y3c – Hays, Robert G. RM3c – Heffron, William P. S2c – Hill, Harold W. F1c – Hill, John V. S2c – Hill, Loren E. S2c – Hughes, David E. S2c – Hydrick, Wilson StM2c – Jackson, John J. StM2c – Jacobsen, Richard O. S2c – Jones, Oscar W. StM1c – Kallstrom, Allen E. S2c – Keser, Harley A. S2c – Kunz, Robert F. S2c – Liles, Charles E. S2c – Little, Robert H. S2c – Lopez, Raymond RM3e – Maguire, Joseph M S2c – Main, Robert W. S2c – Manley, Paul RM3c – McCoy, Jack A. SK3c – Meacham, Ronny C. S2c – Miller, Delor M. S2c – Mirek, Stanley Jr. S2c – Moran, Mike Jr. S2c – Nagy, William J. S2c – Nelson, Edward J. Bkr3c – Olson, Jeremiah T. PhM2c – Padgett, Thomas E. PhM1c – Papazian, Jack S2c – Paul, John J. S2c – Peterson, Eugene R. RM3c – Petrzel, James F. CPhM(AA) – Pierpont, Ralph W. ART2c – Plona, Adam L. S2c – Prokop, Michael R. S2c – Pugh, Wayne E. S2c – Rashap, Bernard L. Y3c – Rasmusen, Hubert H. S2c – Reed, RObert J. S2c – Ritchie, Elmer J. S2c – Rizzuto, Felix J. S2c – Rossig, Douglas A. S2c – Russell, James E. RT2c – Saddler, Frank H. StM2c – Schachner, George F. S2c – Schmid, Julius S2c – Snyder, Melvin G. S2c – Sparks, Elmer C. S2c – Stephens, Morris A. S2c – Taylor, Robert L. S2c – Tegt, Ernest J. CRM(AA) – Torok, Arthur J. S2c – Toney, Sidney StM2c – Webster, Bernard W. ARM3c – Williams, Earl D. EM1c – Wilson, Charles P. Jr. S2c – Wozniak, Joseph C. S2c – Zimmerman, Paulmer W. Jr. S2c – Hogan, Haliday H. S2c – Peterson, George K. PhM2c – Wynn, Neil N. Cox*

*NOTE: Taken from August 7, 1943 muster roles of U.S.S. LaSalle (accuracy in question)

Muster Roll Of Enlisted Personnel dated        30 September 1943

Ackerman, Roger D RM3c – Adams, Harold D S2c – Akins, Raymond E S2c – Allen, John RT1c – Anderson, Charles R S2c – Anderson, Curtis F S2c – Angello, James J F1c – Aros, Gilbert H S2c – Arthur, Lawrence J S2c – Avery, Vernon RT2c – Ballard, Jerry E S2c – Bambino, Joseph M S2c – Bang, Robert W F1c – Bass, Clifford C S2c – Berhow, Merle D S2c – Berthoud, Lenoard S2c – Bethea, Charles W S2c – Biagi, Louis A RT2c – Bittner, Russell S2c – Boggs, Noval R S2c – Bonhill, William R S2c – Bonner, Marion S2c – Boudreau, Thomas K ART2c – Boutillette, Henry F S2c – Branum, Chester B S2c – Brosius, Albert E GM3c – Burns, Adelbert D S2c – Burns, Gilbert C Jr RM3c – Campbell, Don A ART2c – Carlson, Kenneth L S2c – Carsey, Walter E S2c – Carter, Lyman A S2c – Carver, Paul R S2c – Charmack, Harry L S2c -Clark, William J S2c – Clusserath, Clement A S2c – Cody, James P S2c – Cody, Robert N RM3c – Cook, Richard C S2c – Cooper, Sylvester Jr F1c – Corbett, James A SC3c – Cox, Arthur G S2c – Craig, Walter F Jr F1c – Crampton, Ross I S2c – Cunningham, Donald J S22c – Cutright, Paul “R” ART2c – Dawson, Ralph D S2c – Day, Ernest W Jr F1c – Day, James C Jr RM3c – Dean, Alford B RT2c – De Vanna, Robert V S2c – Di Santo, Vincent S2c – Doyle, Virgil L S2c – Droddy, Herman E S2c – Eizenhoefer, Donald J S2c – Erickson, Howard A S2c – Ernest, Jack L S2c – Fields, James F Jr S2c – Flechner, Edward S2c – Franton, Donald C MoMM2c – Frias, Edward RM3c – Fysh, LeRoy C F1c – Garrison, Odell A S2c – Garvey, Albert G S2c – Gearin, Benard W S2c – Givens, Morris StM2c – Grisell, John K S2c – Hansen, Richard P RM3c – Hardy, James C Jr S2c – Harrell, David C StM2c – Harris, Clifford A Jr S2c – Harvey, James P Jr S2c – Harvey, Thomas J S2c – Hayes, Thomas J Y3c – Haynes, Russell StM2c – Hays, Robert G RM3c – Heffron, William P S2c – Hill, Harold W F1c – Hill, John V S2c – Hill, Loren E S2c – Hogan, Haliday H S2c – Hughes, David E S2c – Hunt, Raymond “C” SM3c – Hydrick, Wilson, StM2c – Jackson, John J StM2c – Jackson, Lewis B SM3c – Jackson, Nolton Jr RM3c – Jacobsen, Richard O S2c – Jones, Ira D SM3c – Jones, Oscar W StM1c – Kallstrom, Allen E S2c – Kemerer, Harry L S2c – Kiser, Harley A S2c – Kunz, Robert F S2c – Lebeck, Max E SM3c – Lee, Robert E Y2c – Lemmons, Ernest E S2c – Liles, Charles E S2c – Lindel, Lloyd M RM3c – Little, Robert H S2c – Lopez Raymond RM3c – Luck, Earl H SM3c – Magnuson, John F MM2c – Maguire, Joseph M S2c – Main, Robert W S2c – Manley, Paul RM3c – McCoy, Jack A SK3c – McKenzie, Bruce F S2c – McVeigh, John T RM3c – Meacham Romy C S3c – Mifflin, Clyde W SC3c – Miller, Delor M S2c – Mirek, Stanley Jr S2c – Moran, Mike Jr S2c – Morse, Albert R S2c – Mowrey, John S RM3c – Nagy, William J S2c – Neidhardt, Alfred A Jr SM3c – Nelson, Edward J Bkr3c – Oldham, James T StM2c – O’Loughlin, Joseph E SC2c – Olson, Jeremiah T PhM2c – Padgett, Thomas E PhM1c – Papazian, Jack S2c – Paul, John J S2c – Paterson, Eugene R RM3c – Peterson, George K PhM2c – Petrzel, James F CphM(AA) – Pierpont, Ralph W W ART2c – Plona, Adam L S2c – Primack, Roy RM3c – Prokop, Michael R S2c – Pugh, Wayne E S2c – Rashap, Bernard L Y3c – Rasmusen, Hubert H S2c – Reed, Robert J S2c – Richmond, Laurence A RM3c – Ritchie, Elmer J S2c – Rizzuto, Felix J S2c – Roach, William M Y3c – Roberts, Richard M S2c – Rodriguez, Frank M S2c – Rossig, Douglas A S2c – Russell, James E RT1c – Saddler, Frank H StM2c – Schachner, George F S2c – Schmid, Julius S2c – Snyder, Melvin G S2c – Sparks, Elmer C S2c – Stein, John J RM3c – Steinhoff, Thomas P S2c – Stephens, Morris A S2c -Stewart, Kenneth E S2c – Taylor, Robert L S2c – Tegt, Ernest J CRM(AA) – Tolson, Claude W S2c – Toney, Sidney StM2c – Topek, Robert J RM3c – Torok, Arthur J S2c – Uckele, Elmer W F2c – Varnell, Robert W SM2c – Webster, Benard W ARM3c – Wesley, Harold S2c – Wilder, Roscoe ARM3c – Willems, Leonard M S2c – Williams, Earl D EM1c – Wilson, Charles P Jr S2c – Wozniak, Joseph C S2c – Wynn, Neil N Cox – Zimmerman, Paulmer W S2c – Zunke, Glen E S2c

Additional Known Enlisted:                                        Date Assigned to Unit 9

Rating/Rate as of date assigned to unit

Chinn, Charles E.                PhM3c                                     6 March 1944

Jaksich, Paul                       PhM3c                                     6 March 1944



Argus Unit 9 was commissioned   3 August 1943

United States forces occupied the Ellice Islands (now Tuvalu) in October 1942.  Japanese occupation was delayed by the events surrounding the Battle of Midway and the Americans arrived first.  The first American installations were at Funafuti Atoll.  Additional airfields were constructed in 1943 at Nanumea and Nukufetau  in time for use in supporting “Operation Galvanic”.  Argus Unit 9 operated on Nukufetau.

Unit 9 was decommissioned           31 May 1944


War Diary entry for Argus 9 at Nukufetau

War Diary entry for Argus 9 at Nukufetau



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  1. Son of Henry Ford Boutillette. Nice to see ARGUS 9 listed. Dad always wanted to find the guys he served with. Shame he passed in 2005. Thank you for keeping the unit’s name alive.

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