Argus Unit 11

Commanding Officer – Lt. Comdr. Harris Carrigan

Left Port Hueneme – April 24, 1943

Locations:  Port Hueneme, CA – Rendova* – Segi Point, New Georgia Island

Renamed from Argus Unit 2

Campaigns:  Operation Toenails

Known Officers:

Atkinson, Burton         Lt(jg)

Baer, Benjamin           Ensign

Geer, Edward S.         Lt(jg)

Hochberg, Fred M.      Lt(jg)

Wolfe, Donald             Lt(jg)

Young, Myron H.         Lt(jg)

Known Enlisted:

from Unit Muster Rolls dated 30 June 1943 – rate/rank as of that date

Andrews, Wendell B S1c – Appling, William L RdM3c – Arthur, Robert P EM2c – Austfjord, Harold B S2c -Biaga, Roy J S1c – Bischoff, Carl G S1c – Bloom, Joseph F Jr S1c – Brass, Robert A S1c – Brown, James D S1c – Buell, Carlisle W S1c – Burkhalter, Clifford L RdM3c – Callog, Paul J RM3c – Camm, Harry E S1c – Cavallini, Elio G RM1c – Crafford, Lewis L Y2c – Craig, Gerald C S1c – Daigle, Pierre S1c – Davidson, Charles L S2c – DeGray, Onis L S1c – Dobbins, Grover A S2c – Doerr, Robert G RdM3c – Dragunat, Vincent J CRT – Farley, James E CEM – Garcia, Raymond M S1c – Ghiossi, Louis R S1c – Gibbons, Alexander C S1c – Hastings, Howard J S1c – Heroux, George E S2c – Hopkins, Elmer R Jr RM3c – Jackson, Andrew S CM3c – Johnson, Howard R RM3c – Jorgensen, Leif G RT1c- Kepford, Donovan C RM3c – Kepford, Robert K RM3c – Kile, Richard L CRT – Kurtzner, Lyle E S2c – Kytle, Harold E RT1c -Lievre, Charles W MoMM2c – Lochrie, John GM3c – Major, Paul D S1c – Marshall, George A S1c – Martin, Edward J RdM3c – Martinez, R S1c – McCandless, Eugene H S1c – McClellan, Roy L RM3c – McMahon John J Jr RdM3c – Moore, Bernard V ART1c – Morrison, O’Neal P CM3c – Murray, Richard T RdM3c – Myrick, George E jr RT1c – Ochoae, Jean M S1c – Pangborn, Richard E S1c – Patterson, Paul W RM3c – Perales, Conrado J S1c – Perry, Elery E S1c – Phelan, Henry J RdM3c – Radzevila, Stanley RdM3c – Reed, George W RT1c – Rice, William E S1c – Robbins, Russell G RM3c – Robson, Albert S1c – Rockwell, Frank RM3c – Roney, JamesE S1c – Rousey, Kenneth F ART1c – Rutherford, Elbyrt E RT1c – Ryan, Joseph A RT1c – Sando, Wesley L RM3c – Scarpa, Aristides A RdM3c – Schneider, Eugene RdM3c – Scott, Eldridge E S1c – Scott, Robert L S1c – Shepherd, Bobbie D RdM3c – Sherer, Glen H RM3c – Skinfill, William F Y2c – Smith, Marshall V S1c, Smith, Max B ART1c – Stein, William V RdM3c – Stewart, William G RdM3c – Strine, Robert B RdM3c – Thomas, Earl R RdM3c – Todd, Walter L S1c – Uhlman, Garland K RM3c – Vincent, Theodore R S1c – Weber, Robert R RM3c – Wilkins, Edward A CRM – Willett, Louis D MoMM2c – Willis, Merle E MoMM2c – Wilson, Douglas L RdM3c – Wilton, Robert W MoMM2c – Wise, William E S1c – Witmer, Charles A RdM3c – Young, Robert J Jr RdM3c

Additional Enlisted Personnel:

Smith, Jack F              S1c – received by Unit – 21 July 1943



Update – 30 May 2014 – Unit Muster Rolls have been found containing the notation “ADVANCED NAVAL BASE FORCE – ARGUS # 11”.  These Muster Rolls are dated 30 June 1943, 31 July 1943, 18 August 1943, and 31 August 1943.  They are signed by P.G. Wrenn, Commander, USN , Administrative Commander.

No official commissioning date documentation has been found, however, the Muster Roll dated 30 June 1943 indicates that the enlisted men shown were received by the Unit on 19 April 1943 from USNABD, Hueneme, Calif.

The “REPORT OF CHANGES” for Unit #11 dated 31 July 1943 indicated that the Unit suffered casualties from an enemy air raid on Rendova Island    2 July 1943.  One man is listed as killed in action and one as missing in action.  It also lists 17 men as transferred to various hospital facilities in the month.

The “REPORT OF CHANGES” dated 31 August 1943 shows all remaining enlisted personnel transferred to other units on or before 18 August 1943.

The “RECAPITULATION SHEET’  for Unit #11 dated 18 August 1943 indicates no remaining personnel and has a final notation of –

                                                                “UNIT DISSOLVED”.


Documentation has been found indicating that Argus Unit 11 was attached to Acorn 7 on 23 April 1943 for New Georgia Island group operations as part of the Solomons campaign.  Unit 11 was stationed at Segi Point, New Georgia  Island from 30 June 1943 to 1 September 1943. (note new information above)


*New Georgia Island is the principal island of the New Georgia group. Rendova  and Kolombangara  are the other two significant large islands.


From “Radar and Fighter Directors” by David L. Boslaugh, Capt, USN, Retired

On 30 June 1943, Argus Unit 11 sent an advance echelon in with the Rendova Island invasion, but this time with opposition, and suffering casualties. They initially had only a portable SCR-602 radar, and, because the FDO on the destroyer Jenkins had to temporarily go off the air, they had to start fighter direction over the invasion beach almost immediately. They later brought their heavy equipment ashore under strong bombing and strafing attacks that lasted a number of weeks, and they did their fighter direction from their radio truck until a more protected dugout could be prepared. By August, a larger CIC and a warning net had been set up at nearby Munda on the Island of New Georgia where they took over Argus Unit 11’s  work.

excerpt courtesy of Todd Cabral


Ongoing research has found documentation indicating that some Argus 11 officers were assigned temporary duty as Fighter Direction Officers on destroyers for the initial stages of the New Georgia operations.

(click on images for a larger view)

Note paragraph (2) and (3). 'DOWSER' is Rendova Island.

Note paragraph (2) and (3). ‘DOWSER’ is Rendova Island.

Muster Roll from the USS Jenkins dated 29 June 1943 showing Argus 11

Muster Roll from the USS Jenkins dated 29 June 1943 showing Argus 11 “OFFICERS – Temporary Duty”.

USS Jenkins

USS Jenkins

Recapitulation Sheet - Page 1 Missing - 1 Died - 1

Recapitulation Sheet – Page 1
Missing – 1
Died – 1

Recapitulation Sheet - Page 2 UNIT DISSOLVED

Recapitulation Sheet – Page 2


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  1. My dad Bobbie D. Shepherd RdM3c on muster roll 1943 Argus 2 In Va home Tuscon Az. as of May 23 2015.

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