Argus Unit 12

Commanding Officer – Lt.Comdr. Ralph W. Miner

Left Port Hueneme –  24 September 1943

Locations: Port Hueneme, CA – San Clemente Island, CA – NAS Barber’s Point, T.H. – Apamama, Gilbert Islands

Campaigns:  Operation Galvanic

Known Officers:

Anderson, Claude N. Lt – Arnold, Alfred L. Lt(jg) – Boles, Rollin H. Ens – Chapman, John W. Lt(jg) – Gill, Charles W. Lt (jg) – Hamilton, Peter I. Lt – Herbert, Francis M. Jr Ens – Hodge, Max E. Ens – Hullsart, Charlse R. Jr Lt(jg) – Marvin, David D. Ens – McNaughton, John F. Lt(jg) – Mincks, William W. Lt – Miner, Ralph W. LtComdr – Murphy, Abe Lt – Nairn, John M. Ens – Norene, George W, Lt(jg) – Quinn, Vincent M. Ens – Shaw, Wesley S. Ens – Stone, Robert L. Lt – Wolff, Albert M. Ens

Known Enlisted:                from Unit Muster Rolls dated 30 September 1943

Aasland, Harold R RT1c – Akers, Elwood L S2c – Akers, Sanford O S2c – Alexander, Richard H RT2c – Andrews, Harold S2c p Autrey, James T SC3c – Bachtell, Robert D RT2c – Bacon, Douglas “M” S2c – Baker, Michael J GM3c – Ball, Herbert C S2c – Banks, Wilber F CK3c – Barazani, Morris S2c – Barto, Frank C F1c – Benner, James E S2c – Berger, Charles E S2c – Black, Robert S2c – Blizinski, Stephen J S2c – Boyd, Robert T PhM3c – Brink, John M F1c – Brockman, Vincent E S2c – Bruner, Edwin V S2c – Buchanan, Thomas F ART2c – Candland, Emmit L S2c – Carter, Cleo M S2c – Caudill, Little Cox – Ciccio, Angelo G S2c – Comber, George S2c – Conrad, James A S2c – Cooper, Claude V S2c – Cox, Ibern E S2c – Crocker, Robert F S2c – Cummings, John A S2c – Devine, Percy StM2c – Donerly, Wilmer A S2c – Evans, Henry M S2c – Fickle, Robert M S2c – Furlong, Robert L S2c – Geller, Louis S2c – Gers, Raymond E S2c – Gibbs, Rudolph D S2c – Giesen, Kenneth J EM1c – Girardeau, Thomas C S2c – Glahn, Thomas L ART2c – Gray, Thomas W S2c – Grosskopf, John A S2c – Hankins, Carl R S2c – Hauser, John A S2c – Havenar, Harold D S2c – Hildebrandt, Richard W S2c – Hinrichs, Don S2c – Hobbs, William B S2c – Holk, Erwin S2c – Hosen, Richard S2c – Houston, John S2c – Houtz, Harry J S2c – Howlett, Royal W S2c – Hurin, James H E S2c – Hutchinson, Charls F S2c – Ingram, ALBERT a S2c – Ipcinski, Ralph G S2c – Jackson, Clyde B S2c – Jensen, Henry J ART2c – Johnson, Gerald W S2c – Johnson, Harold J S2c – Jones, Richard L S2c – Karos, Donald M S2c – Keiser, Richard E S2c – Kennedy, Palmer E S2c – Kitch, Harold R S2c – Klemm, Emil J RT1c – Kolos, Charles J S2c – Lehman, Verle G S2c – Lequea, John W S2c – Luckett, Elisha J S2c – Marek, Jerome H S2c – Martin, Fred C S2c – Martin, Henry E PhM2c – Mattingly, James J – S2c – McAvoy, John J PhM1c – McCarty, Byron M S2c – McSherry, Melvin S2c – McRae, Duncan C S1c – Melton, John H S2c – Millar, Charles D PhM1c – Miller, Alvie W S2c – Miller, Homer L S2c – Miller, Raymond C S1c – Milligan, Columbus A PhM2c – Mitchell, Ray E S1c – Morris, John D S2c – Morrissey, Frederick A S2c – Mull, Robert W S2c – Munger, Harry L S2c – Munson, Paul M S2c – Murillo, Julio F2c – Myers, George H S2c – Nelson, Wallace A S2c – Niles, Carl W S2c – Noestlinger, Otto H S2c – Oliver, George C S2c – Paradis, Paul J F1c – Piza, Charles J S2c – Prenar, William J S2c – Price, Wayne B S2c – Prickett, Byron E S2c – Quinte, Massie P S2c – Reeb, Glen L S2c – Reott, Francis J S2c – Rigsby, Marvin E S2c – Rodgers, Perry L S2c – Rutledge, John M S2c – Sable, Warren A S2c – Sanborn, Frederick R S2c – Schell, Delton W S2c – Shelver, William C S2c – Sierecki, Richard P S2c – Sites, James A S2c – Skidmore, James A S2c – Smith, William V S2c – Spackman, Lloyd R S2c – Stein, Irving A S2c – Stevens, Lee R S2c – Stewart, Harold J S2c – Still, Ray E S2c – Stottler, Russell C GM3c – Swafford, Tyson K S2c – Swing, James W S2c – Tallon, William B S2c – Vassar, Harvey J S2c – Vogler, Joseph W S2c – Waldecker, Edward A S2c – Walker, Clarence E S2c – Wernet, Wayne L S2c – White, Mack S2c – Wigton, Robert E RM3c – Wilke, Donald R Y3c – Wilkerson, Joyce C F1c – Williams, Bill E S2c – Williams, David P ARM3c – Williams, George “L” S2c – Woo, Jack S2c – Woods, Robert F Y3c – Young, Robert W ARM3c

Roster from the Muster Rolls of LST # 476 dated 5 October 1943

*Aasland, Harold R. RT1c – Akers, Elwood L. S2c – Akers, Sanford O. S2c – Alexander, Richard H. RT1c – Andrews, Harold RM3c – Autrey, James T. SC3c – Bachtell, Robert D. RT2c – Bacon, Douglas M. S2c – Baker, Michael J. GM3c – Ball, Herbert C. S2c – Banes, Wilbert F. CK3c – Barazani, Morris S2c – Barto, Frank C. F1c – Benner, James E. S2c -Berger, Charles E. GM3c – Black, Robert S2c – Brink, John M. F1c – Brockman, Vincent E. S2c – Bruner, Edwin V. S2c – Buchanan, Thomas F. ART2c – Candland, Emmit L. S2c – Carter, Cleo M. S2c – Caudill, Little Cox – Ciccio, Angelo G. S2c – Comber, George S2c – Conrad, James A. S2c – Cooper, Claude V. S2c – Cox, Ibern E. S2c – Crocker, Robert F. S2c – Cummings, John A. S2c – Devine, Percy Jr. StM2c- Evans, Henry H. Jr. S2c – Finckle, Robert M. RM3c- Furlong, Robert L. S2c – Geller, Louis S2c – Gers, Raymond E. S2c – Gibbs, Rudolph D. S2c – Giesen, Kenneth J. EM1c – Girardeau, Thomas C. S2c – Glahn, Thomas L. ART2c – Gray, Thomas W. S2c – Grosskopf, John A. S2c – Havenar, Harold D. Jr. S2c – Hinrichs, Don S2c – Hobbs, William B. S2c – Hosen, Richard S2c – Houston, John S2c – Howlett, Royal W. S2c – Hurin, James H. E. S2c – Hutchinson, Charles F. S2c – Ingram, Albert A. S2c – Jensen, Henry J. ART2c – Johnson, Harold J. S2c – Jones, Richard L. S2c – Karos, Donald M. S2c – Keiser, Richard F. S2c – Kennedy, Palmer E. S2c – Kitch, Harold R. S2c – Klemm, Emil J. RT1c – Kolos, Ray E. S2c – Lehman, Verle G. GM3c – Lequea, John W. Jr. S2c – Luckett, Elisha J. S2c – Marek, Jerome H. S2c – Martin, Fred C. S2c – Mattingly, James J. S2c – Miller, Alvie W. S2c – Miller, Homer L. S2c – Miller, Raymond C. RM3c – Mitchell, Ray E. S1c – Mull, Robert W. S2c – Munger, Harry L. S2c – Munson, Paul M. S2c – Murillo, Julio Jr. F2c – Myers, George H. S2c – McRae, Duncan C. S1c – McSherry, Melvin S2c – Nelson, Wallace A. S2c – Niles, Carl W. S2c – Noestlinger, Otto H.  S2c – Oliver, George C. S2c – Paradis, Paul J. F1c – Pretnar, William J. S2c – Price, Wayne B. S2c, Prickett, Byron E. S2c – Quinte, Massie P. S2c – Reeb, Glen L. S2c – Reott, Francis J. S2c – Rigsby, Marvin E. S2c -Rodgers, Perry L. S2c – Sable, Warren A. RM3c – Sanborn, Frederick R. S2c – Schell, Delton W. RM3c – Shelver, William C. S2c – Sierecki, Richard P. S2c – Sites, James A. S2c – Skidmore, James A. S2c – Spachman, Lloyd R. S2c – Stevens, Lee R. S2c – Still, Ray E. S2c – Stottier, Russel C. GM3c – Swafford, Tyson K. S2c – Swing, James W. GM3c – Tallon, William G. GM3c – Vassar, Harvey J. S2c – Vogler, Joseph W. S2c – Waldecker, Edward A. S2c – Walker, Clarence E. S2c – Wernet, Wayne L. S2c – White, Mack S2c – Wilke, Donald R. Y3c – Wilkerson, Joyce C. F1c – Williams, Bill E. S2c – Williams, David P. ARM3c – Williams, George L. S2c – Woods, Robert F. Y3c – Young Robert W. ARM3c – Browner, D.R. SC1*

*all ranks/ratings as of 5 October 1943

Additional Known Enlisted:                                          Date Assigned to Unit 12

Brawner, Dewis R                  S1c                                        5 October 1943



Argus Unit 12 was commissioned                7 August 1943

The first element of Unit 12 left Port Hueneme for Pearl Harbor, T.H. on 24 September 1943, the last elements left 5 October 1943.

Unit 12 was decommissioned                        15 April 1944

Argus 12 – Operational Report

document courtesy of Mark Fredericks and Rick M.

Apamama Atoll

Apamama Atoll


5 comments on “Argus Unit 12

  1. Well I can’t find Albert S Troxel listed with the Apamama enlisted. His Honorable Discharge says he was there from 28 Nov 43 to 22 Mar 44. He was USMC but he must have been connected with the Argus boys. He was a Technical Sergeant (cp) (TW) Radio Technician and Radar Repairman.

    • Gary,

      Thank you for your contact. A check of other reference materials show that in October 1943 Albert Troxel was a Staff Sergeant assigned to the AA Arty Group (Anti-aircraft Artillery), 8th Defense Battalion, 5th Amphibious Corps, USMC. He is shown as a member of that unit in January 1944 also. The next reference I found was as a member of the Heavy AA Group, 8th AA Battalion, Corps Arty, 5th Amphibious Corps, USMC in April 1944.

      The enlisted personnel shown on the ARGUS Unit #12 page are members of the Navy.

      There is no doubt that ARGUS Units, USMC Anti-Aircraft Artillery units, Defense Battalions, and Army Air Force units worked closely in providing air defense functions as necessary. Personnel and equipment were assigned as required by operational necessity without “formal” transfer. It is very likely that Staff Sergeant Troxel worked hand in hand with the ARGUS unit, but he was not a member of Unit #12.


  2. I have found a book, through a member of Argus Unit 12″s son, named Betio Beach Head that chronicles what they went through. I have not read it yet because it hasn’t been added to my Kindle. I found it on Amazon, only available on Kindle. My Dad, Harold Aasland, never (along with other’s) spoke about what they went through. After his death I found out about this. I would’ve liked to have heard about, before the dementia, what he went through. My Dad, Harold Aasland and his comrade, David Bachtell. served together and became lifelong friends. Dave’s son, Randy and I still have occasional contact. Randy attended my Dad’s funeral and said that it was rumored that my Dad , Harold Aasland, saved his Dad’, David Bachtell’s life. He found out that my Dad did save his Dad’s life by throwing his body over Dave Bachtell’s body, saving his life. We did a lot together, especially camping along the Satsop River in Western Wash. state. Fond memories. Brothers in Arms.

    • Lisa,

      Thank you for your contact. Just a brief clarification regarding the book you’ve referenced.

      Betio Island is part of the Tarawa Atoll. The Operational Report for Unit 12 indicates the unit landed on Apamama (Abemama) Island which is approximately 90 miles southeast of Tarawa. Both are in the Gilbert Islands and were a part of Operation Galvanic.

      It will be interesting to see if your book references Unit 12 and their activities.


      • Yes, I remember Dad talking a lot about Apamama. I will find out what it says about Unit 12. All I know is what Randy told me, he used to read the book while his Dad was in the radio room.

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