Argus Unit 24

Commanding Officer – Lt. Robert W. Lewis

Left Port Hueneme – 21 February 1944

Locations:  Port Hueneme, CA – USNAAF San Clemente, CA – Noumea, New Caledonia

Known Officers:

Richard Willis Heard, Jr.; Irving Wordle; Van Fields; O.W. Gornall,  Lt(jg); Victor Savik; Ray Keesey; Pete Thomas; Richard W. Heard; Ollie Eggers; Joe Michael, Cade, A.J.  Lt(jg)

Known Enlisted:                                  Upon Commissioning

Anderson, Koaster A S2c – Anderson, Spencer E S2c – Armagost, William, M S1c – Austin, Lloyd S2c – Benge, Curtis D S2c – Bentz, Earl R S1c – Bohnert, Lloyd S2c -Brenner, Jacob J S2c – Cadhan, Edward W RT3c – Clark, Ernest H S2c – Clement, Edwin L S2c – Collins, Thomas E S2c – Costanich, George K S2c – Dorion, Edward F S2c – Erhart, Peter P S2c – Fein, Henry S2c – Fuchs, Benard D S2c – Garber, George P S2c – Gensburg, Otto S2c – Gillaspie, George H Jr – S2c – Grilli, Aldo “A” S2c – Ham, Robert C S2c – Hamilton, Mack H S1c – Hana, William A S2c – Hartstein, Robert J S2c – Hernandez, Manuel L S2c – Hogg, Theodore H ARM3c – Honn, Allan P S2c – Houlihan, James W ARM3c – Huber, Leonard W S2c – Hughes, Eugene W S2c – Jacobs, George J S2c – James, Harry F Sr S2c – Jones, Levi G S2c – Johnson, Justa R F1c – Kamping, Harold E S2c – Kaufman, Robert S F1c – Kersenbrock, Dale A S1c – Kinney, Arthur J S2c – Lambert, Donald A S2c – Lang, Harold W F1c – Lazenby, Martin L S2c – Linn, Ernest C S2c – Lohmuller, Richard L Jr S2c – Lowry, Earl E S1c – Mancel, Joseph F RT3c – Marshall, John H Jr S2c – Metcalf, James E GM3c – Milleson, Lloyd E S2c – Mongiello, Anthony J S2c – Moskal, Michael S1c – Nelson, Roger C ART2c – Nesmith, Frank J S1c – Oakman, Jack C S2c – O’Brien, John F ART2c – Ocohiuto, Albert S2c – O’Dea, Frank J S2c – Odell, Robert B S2c – O’Neil, William H MoMM2c – Priest, Elmer S2c – Przanowski, Stanlet W S2c – Radosza, John E S2c – Remsing, Joseph S2c – Reynosa, Edward L Y2c – Rinden, Keith L S2c – Rubin, Sidney L S2c – Rupp, William E S2c – Ruscigno, Michael J S1c – Ruwe, Walter J S2c – Schnier, Frank G S2c – Schultz, Howard F S2c – Seboldt, Carl F RT3c – Sheble, William L S2c – Sladen, Charles E S1c – Smith, Billy M S2c – Smith, Nilan L S2c – Smith, Walter T – Streicher, Earl V S2c – Stroyan, Peter B S2c – Sullivan, William J Y3c – Thielen, Matthew P S2c – Thrasher, Clarence W S2c – Vogel, Louis H S2c – Wagner, William S2c – Walsch, George J S2c – Ward, William E ART3c – Warner, Donald A MoMM2c – Wentz, John H F3c – White, Kenneth E MoMM2c – Wiesmann, Wilbur T S2c – Wiser, Raymond G S2c


Additional Known Enlisted Personnel:                               Date Assigned To Unit 24

Rating/Rate as of date assigned

Bockes, Kieth K                                             RM3c                                     12 Dec 43

Dorton, Edward F                                          S2c                                        12 Dec 43

Simpkins, William H                                       EM2c                                     12 Dec 43

Balsdon, Robert M                                         S2c                                        31 Jan 44

Barber, Ernest L                                             S2c                                        31 Jan 44

Barger, William J                                            S2c                                        31 Jan 44

Brown, Garth J                                               S2c                                        31 Jan 44

Graham, Wayne E                                         S2c                                         31 Jan 44

Nesmith, Frank J                                           S1c                                         5 Jan 44

Pell, Donald A                                                S2c                                         31 Jan 44

Sheble, William L                                           S2c                                         31 Jan 44

Willits, Vernon L                                             ART2c                                     5 Jan 44

Winters, James W                                          S2c                                         31 Jan 44

Lowry, Earl E                                                  S2c                                         18 Feb 44

Odell, Robert B                                               S2c                                        18 Feb 44

Aglibot, Elias G                                               S2c                                         29 Mar 44

Doran, John P                                                S2c                                         15 Mar 44

Halter, Harvey P                                             S1c                                         29 Mar 44

Lodigkeit, Edward W                                      S1c                                         29 Mar 44

Koher, Howard C                                           S2c                                         29 Mar 44

Martinez, Tony B                                            S2c                                         29 Mar 44

Parker, John G                                               S2c                                         29 Mar 44

Richter, Ray E                                                S1c                                         29 Mar 44

Robson, Thomas H                                        S2c                                         29 Mar 44

Smith, Orville W                                              S2c                                        29 Mar 44

Swenson, Clayton E                                       S2c                                         29 Mar 44

Whitesell, Gerald W                                        RdM3c                                   29 Mar 44

Woolard, Rudolph G                                       S2c                                         29 Mar 44

Zechmann, Joseph L                                      RT1c                                      29 Mar 44

Bohnert, Lloyd H                                             S2c                                         21 Apr 44

Spence, John W                                              S1c                                        11 Apr 44

Zimmer, Frank V                                             S2c                                         21 Apr 44



Argus Unit 24 was commissioned             25 November 1943

No documentation has been found to date indicating the date Unit 24 was decommissioned.  Unit Muster Rolls date 31 May 1944 show all enlisted personnel transferred to other locations for duty.  Correspondence dated 7 June 1944 from Lt. Robert Lewis to the CNO, Washington,D.C.  states that “this unit has been decommissioned.”

Photos and Documents: 

photo and article courtesy of Shelley Heard

Article: Passage to Milne Bay, by Bill Lee – historian for the USS West Point.  Argus Unit 24 left San Pedro, California aboard the USS West Point on February 22, 1944.  This article, from the August 2009 edition of the Pointers Pup describes that voyage.


photos from the estate of George K. Costanich


NanGeorge2 (2)

Photo captioned Noumea, New Caledonia



Unit 24 – no members identified


photos courtesy of Nan A.




8 comments on “Argus Unit 24

  1. I have found the name George K Costanich on the Veteran’s Project site. I see that he served in Argus 24 during the time my father served in Argus 14. I notice that Mr. Costanich list his home state as California. Does anyone have any info on him and is he still alive? If he is, I would love to talk with him about his service.

    • Nan,

      I was in contact with Mr. Costanich in July. I will forward your request to him via e-mail. I am sure he will respond. He had contacted another member regarding his Unit 24 activities. Please let me know if you don’t hear from him in a few days.


    • I trained at Camp Farragut, Idaho and went on to Radio School at the Univ of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
      thence to Port Hueneme, CA to train in the Argus Unit program and was a RM3c with Argus 21 sent
      to Barber’s Point, Honolulu Territory of Hawaii and on to Roi-Namur, Kwajalein Atoll , Marshall Islands.
      I, too want to learn and talk to Argus Unit veterans.

  2. THANK you so much! I have been trying to find anyone that may have served when my father did – even if the Argus unit was different. And also someone that was a radarman and was in Idaho for training. I even posted flyers at our nearest veteran’s home, but no response. Once again, thanks.

  3. I have reviewed all of my father’s letters sent home from Port Hueneme, CA, regarding his joining Argus Unit #24, and his first reference is in a letter dated Nov. 21, 1943, where he wrote,

    “We go away on Thursday next for 2 weeks so better have the blessed event wired me c/o Argus
    Unit #24 A. B. D. Port Hueneme, Cal.”

    The “blessed event” took place two days later in Savannah, GA: the birth of his only daughter.


  4. My dad, Lt(jg) Oliver H. (Ollie) Eggers was with Argus Unit 24 in New Caladonia and appears in the photo on this site. Previously he served as a Fighter Director Officer in USS Nassau (CVE 16).

  5. I have a photo of George Costanich in Argus unit 24. I also have a picture I took of him and I before his passing.

    • Hi Nan, I would love to see the pictures of Mr. Costanich. He was revered here, of course. Please, contact me by email with the particulars: shelley.heard at gmail dot com. If there is anything I can do for you regarding Argus 24, I’m happy to help all I can. All the best.

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