8 comments on “Rosters Added to Argus Units 13, 14 & 20

  1. How do I access the roster for Argus unit 14? I have a group photo of this unit that was found in my father’s belongings when he passed.

      • Bob,

        You are correct, ACORN 14 was commanded by Captain E.C.B. Gould. ACORN 14 patricipated in the invasion of Tarawa and was decommissioned on Tarawa 15 April 1944. ARGUS Units 10 and 16 were the units involved with Tarawa operations.
        ARGUS 14 was not involved in the Tarawa operations. I will send your message to Nan via e-mail to be sure she sees your offer of ACORN 14 information.

        Thanks for your contact.


      • Rusty,

        Nan provided the photos that are shown on the Unit #14 page.

        You indicated that your Father was a member of ACORN 14. ACORNs are different than ARGUS units although they worked hand in hand in establishing air raid defense capability. In the most basic terms, ACORNs were responsible for construction, operation and maintenance of airfield facilities while ARGUS units provided radar capabilities for air operations.

        I am also sending you an e-mail with additional information.


    • Nan or Bob my father was in ACORN 14 and would love to have any photos of information on ACORN 14 that you can share. Thank you for any help.

  2. My Dad’s long term memory is fairly good for a 92 yr old. He was assigned to ARGUS 14. He has one informal picture of his group. Anyone have other pictures of the group?

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