One comment on “Template for Argus Unit Pages??

  1. I figured out how to leave a reply here! Yea.

    Jay, we discussed haveing Campaigns as heading for the Unit page template and linking any campaigns listed to the CAMPAIGNS pages.

    Also, while I’ve got everybody’s ear, I’ll post here what I also emailed to various folks a few minutes ago.

    I have this crazy idea. I would like to contact a graduate school of military history and make them an offer: That we would collaborate with a graduate student pursuing a Masters or Doctorate Thesis who chose as their thesis topic, Navy Argus Units in the Pacific Theater of WWII. The school that comes to mind is Norwich, but perhaps there is a better choice. I would be more than happy to draft a letter to the History Department at Norwich and make the offer if we, as a group, decide it is a good idea. If Norwich declines the offer, we can make the same request to another school, and hope one of them shows interest.

    I seek your guidance before I act on this impulse.

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