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Assigned to ARGUS Unit….

This phrase or one like it, or hearing that term is what started us on a quest to find out what Argus was. We encountered this phrase as we tried to learn more about our relative’s service in World War 2. All of us shared this common goal. What was Argus? What did they do? Many of these answers were lost because our relative has passed away or memories are failing.

Argus Unit 18 Officers

So began the hunt for information. Some of us have been pursuing information for many years, some weeks. Some have spent countless hours scouring the National Archives for information, searching local historical records, sifting through material from internet searches, and corresponding with surviving veterans. None of us are archivists, or professional historians, or researchers. Our search was fueled by the desire to find out what our fathers, grandfathers, or uncles did and to make sure that their legacy and the story of their contributions during the war were not lost.

Little published information existed about Argus. Individuals had some success in finding a bit of information here, a reference there, but no single source was found to answer our questions. We turned to the internet to seek assistance with our task. Little by little, individuals found others who asked the same questions they were asking. Informal groups were formed to share information and continue the search. This site is the culmination of those cooperative efforts.  Here you will find as much or as little about the Argus story as you like.

Personal Equipment

This is a work in progress. While many questions have been answered, many still exist. We will continually update and add information as it is uncovered. If you are an Argus veteran, we’d love to hear from you. If you have information about any aspect of Argus and are willing to share it, please contact us. If you have any questions, please ask.

Our goal is to provide as complete a resource as possible for anyone seeking information about Argus and to pay tribute to those who served in Argus Units.

Rest assured Argus veterans, your dedication and sacrifice will not be forgotten!

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